Healing Hearts and Voices

My name is Lisa Bull I am proud to be a Braveheart Woman.

Since 2009 I have found true sisterhood, support and love within the Braveheart community’s.
I am healing my own heart, and my voice as I am coming out of an injury that almost keep me from living my life to its fullest with ease, joy and abundant love for myself and for all of us.
You can read my blogs that will testify to where I have been and how far I have come, to be here now asking for your support.
Here is a link to my profile on the Braveheart Women’s Website.
~♥~ http://www.braveheartwomen.com/zaisho

That is why I am giving back to this incredible vision that we are pioneering by going to Jerusalem.
Honoring Our Palestinian and Israeli Braveheart Sisters.
For coming out of Conflict and Into Harmonious Collaboration and Unity as One Body of True Leaders of their community’s and of the World.
This fundraising event is being created to help you understand how you can be a part of an amazing journey.

A mission has been planned for a group of Braveheart Women to visit Jerusalem, this trip will begin on October 22, 2012.

Your contributions will benefit the BraveHeart Women Foundation Global Vision.
This project will grow 10 fold in the next 2 years. Pioneering this amazing trip is the first step toward shifting our heart with ease, and with more Joy and Love in our Hearts for ourselves and for all of Us on Our Mother Earth.
This is our time. Please be generous and know you are making a difference.
If I do not meet my goals know that your funds will go to help with these efforts to continue to support women healing their voices and claiming their place in the world in a good way.

Palestinian and Israeli Braveheart Sisters
Jerusalem July 5th, 2012

We are pioneering our efforts to help bring harmony as we are collaborating with our Palestinian and Israeli Braveheart Sisters.
~♥~ These are strong women
~♥~ Coming out of conflict
~♥~ Uniting together
~♥~ Building a more prosperous life
~♥~ For them selves and for their families
~♥~ Their community and their larger community’s

As a part of our Braveheart Global Community we are supporting their incredible strength and courage of their heart in healing and owning their voices.
We are lifting ours with them in unity to celebrate the healing that is underway with ease of each one of us.
There will be two documentaries filmed of this Historic and Herstoric Experience. One of which will be shown around the world in 2014.
The film will show nearly 1,000 women from the United States, Israel and Palestine engaging in Oxytocin Circles, demonstrating how even sworn enemies can come together in peace.

Here is a link to the previous Indiegogo Campaign that I am very grateful for the support that I have already received.

Zaisho’s BraveHeart Flight Fund

By Lisa Bull

Please help me fund my flight to Jerusalem as one of 33 western women to collaborate with our Palestinian and Israeli Women in October.
Lisa Bull’s Role: Receiver of funds to fly

I would have never believed that I would be going to Jerusalem and with the help that I received from my first Indiegogo campaign I was able to purchase my tickets to go with my Braveheart sisters to Jerusalem.
I am leaving on the 22nd…this I know for sure.
I am thanking you for taking the time to read my post here today asking for your generous support to fuel our vision.
~♥~ To help heal the voices of the women that are needing support!
~♥~ To stand up and claim their place in the world!
~♥~ I am grateful beyond words for you helping me…as I am claiming my place in the world and owning my voice with Ease…Joy…and Love in my heart for all of US!

~♥~ Other Ways You Can Help ~♥~
Using the share tools you can share this link with those that you believe…would resonate with what I am working towards and would be greatly appreciated ~♥~

Creators Blessed Beings

Black Panther
The panther animal totem is a very powerful and protective presence. If you have this creature as your totem, you are blessed to have such a fierce and aggressive guardian with you.

The panther is a symbol of courage, valor and power. The panther has also sometimes associated with the sun, and solar vibrancy in some cultures (South American, & Central American).

Individuals with panther totem s are usually people who come into this world with a spiritual knowing – a deeper understanding of spiritual things. These people often are very intuitive, psychic, and many are artistically inclined.

Of all the panthers, the black panther has the greatest mysticism associated with it. It is a symbol of the mother, the dark moon and the power of the night. The black panther encourages us to understand the shadow powers available to us all, to acknowledge these powers and to eliminate our fears of the darkness.

When the black panther totem appears in your life, it is also a symbol of releasing your passions, and starting a new phase of your life. A phase in which you are discovering your desires, and living your dreams.

Questions to ask ones self.

The panther animal totem asks us these questions:

What is my Shadow Self trying to tell me?
Are my passions helping or hindering me at this time?
Am I still on the right spiritual path for myself?
Am I suppressing latent desires?
Am I putting others’ needs before my own to the point of self-neglect?
Am I being mindful of my movements – both physical and emotional?
Am I being defensive? Who or what am I protecting and why?

When the panther animal totem comes to us (whether it be in the form of images or real sightings) we must begin paying attention to the strength of our inner being – our internal fortitude, and the condition of our spiritual strength & valor. Panthers also beckon us to consider our darker side – analyze this side of ourselves and determine its motivation.


Animal Totem Meanings

“A Woman’s Place”

I am doing fundraising for myself and for the Braveheart Foundation.

We  33  Western Braveheart Women from the United States, Canada and the UK  are  raising awareness and funds for our trip.

We are journeying to Jerusalem to  celebrate with our 33 Palestinian and 33 Israeli Braveheart Sisters that are coming out of conflict and into collaboration.
Here is a link http://www.braveheartglobalvision.com
There are two documentary’s being filmed of this “Herstoric” Experience.

“A Woman’s Place” by singer-songwriter Sara Thomsen

Lyrics: I am a woman, and my place is in the home
And my home is the whole wide world
We are world shapers, we are change makers
We are potters spinning clay, we are dreamers of a new day

We are asking questions, we are opening up the door
We are searching, finding answers,
We are wisdom seeking more
Rabbi, singer, teacher, professor, poet, preacher
Driving buses, styling hair
We are everywhere

We are women
We are sweeping the hearth
We are dreaming in the dark
We are weaving at the loom
We are the rhythms of the moon
We are world shapers, we are change makers
We are tenders of the earth, we are women giving birth

We are packing lunches,
We are sewing the clothes you wear
We are sleeping on park benches,
We are kneeling down in prayer
Doctor, dancer, scientist, carpenter and journalist
Telling stories, rocking chairs
We are everywhere

We are women
We are stirring the pot
We are keeping the fire hot
We are holding a child’s hand
We are the rhythms of the land
We are world shapers, we are change makers
We are potters spinning clay, we are dreamers of a new day

We are laughing, crying, we are taking the time to play
We are singing, we are sighing,
We are making our own way
Politician, volunteer, refugee, and engineer
In the streets and on the air
We are everywhere

We are world shapers, we are change makers
We are potters spinning clay, we are dreamers of a new day
We are rule breakers, we are home makers
We are healers of the earth
We are mid-wives at the birth

We are women, and our place is in the home
And our home is the whole wide world

(c) 2006 Sara Thomsen. http://www.sarathomsen.com
(Everything Changes CD)

You Can Make a Difference


One Smile at a Time


I know that Operation Smile  is an amazing organization. It is doing such incredible work to help change these children’s lives.

My good friend and braveheart sister has had not just one child born with a cleft palate. She has 3 children who were born this way with a cleft palate. They all have had surgeries that transformed their lives. They are all grown up now. It was difficult to endure she has shared with me.

Yet it has strengthened her faith in God, also in humanity.

It is amazing that there is such an organizations such as  Operation Smile out there helping those less fortunate to have a better chance in the world.

These children are suffering needlessly.  Getting one of these operations is transformational.  Give them the HOPE that they are praying for.

It was Operation Smile: Arifase’s Story that helped me to put this out to you and ask for your help. For children just like Arifase are waiting your kindness to transform their live too.

One of these operations cost $240.

Please help them transform those children’s lives, one smile at a time.

Please share this post with someone you know that would want to help.


Thank you for stopping by to help a cause that is near and dear to my heart.


Lisa Bull

Zaisho Services