Listen to Your Dreams

Dreams can be manifested into reality in doable steps…one at a time. ~ LAMB

She Dreams the World Awake

She Dreams in living color encouraging me to create again.

Sharing my souls highest expression.

Yearning turns to a calling in my head.

Picking up my paint brush, (aka Magic Wand…)

Feeling it in my hand

To deny it would be a sin.

I Am Open to receiving what is up ahead.

I have let go of all the weights & blocks that I thought were in my head.

She dreams in living color that flows freely once again.

Encouraging me to create  sharing my souls highest expression.

Yearning turns to a calling

to deny it would be a sin.                                                   ~Sacred Dream Artist                                                                                                    ~ Lisa Anna Bull.


I have been participating in the Shiloh Sophia Studios via the LiveStream classes. This video documents the first painting that I did in that class. I have gone on to take other classes, and I will be sharing them, and my process.  I have been healing from another shoulder surgery and just have to be patient with my self and in the process of healing.

It takes real surrender to let go of the things you can not change…and courage to rise up and “Listen to your dreams.” LAMB



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